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Dynamic Genesis offers an innovative monitoring system of measurement, that relies on unique algorithm named AxSat that process data from satellite identify average of CH4, NO2, SO2, O3 concentration and provides information about Greenhouse gas emission to urban domain to the society in general.

Our Methodology

AxSat maps and show a) average of NO2, CH4, O3, SO2 concentration using 14-day moving average, b) changes over time and c) spots of high contamination in a specific area.
AxSat analytics offer statistical information about average of NO2, CH4, O3, SO2 concentration (Graphic of µmol/m2 versus time of period, median, max, min and standard deviation) that show max and min peaks of contamination over a specific time of period.
With average of NO2, CH4, O3, SO2 concentration data (µmol/m2) it is possible to calculate Carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2 eq) according with IPCC guidelines.
With data from maps, statistical analysis, and Greenhouse gas Inventory we can design a decarbonization strategies (CO2 reduction opportunities) and in some cases revenues from climate action (Carbon trade).

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"The key of a better future in the earth comes from the space"

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