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Climate change is a defining issue of our time, and we are at a critical moment of irreversible damage to our planet. Outdoor pollution kills 4.2 million people a year, according to World Health Organization and the problem is likely to get worse. Now, 55% of the people live in cities and 2050 that share is expected to reach 68%, so far cities are responsible for 70% of global greenhouse gas emissions. Greenhouse gas “GHG” emission is a serious problem and has negative impacts on the urban quality life, population´s health (large amounts of public spending related to health and well-being derived from pollutants), agriculture and water. City governments are important agents of action due to their close relationships with local businesses and citizens.

Mission, Vision & Purpose


  • Estimate of the amount and type of GHG emission to obtain more transparent, accurate and comparable reporting of air quality diagnostics, that mean develop more cost and time effective strategies of reduction and mitigation of carbon.
  • Detecting of emitting hot spots (cities).
  • Support subnational government entities such as cities with information on their GHG emission to evaluate and guide progress towards emissions reduction goals.
  • Provide information to industry and private sectors businesses that will help locate and quantify previously unknown emission reduction opportunities.
  • Provide information to GHG inventory builders.
  • Assessing the national emissions and changes to estimate global stock.
  • Improve estimates of national emissions and removal.

Our Offer

Dynamic Genesis offers an innovative monitoring system of measurement, that relies on unique algorithm named AxSat that process data from satellite identify average of CH4, NO2, SO2, O3 concentration and provides information about Greenhouse gas emission to urban domain to the society in general

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Carbon maps & carbon analytics

Air, water and land quality diagnostic-based space-technology (satellite)


Carbon profile & Decarbonization strtategies

Greenhouse gas Inventory according to IPCC guidelines.


Environmental and social impacts

Environment and social impact analysis according to International Finance Corporation “IFC”.

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